Mc Donald’s Amazing Stories And Latest News

Mc Donald’s, since its introduction to the fast food world, have been gaining all praises and love with its all-time tasty, fresh and lip-smacking food range. From burgers to fries, everything has been quintessentially outstanding and beloved! Above that, Mc Donald’s know how to gain exceptional love, support and hug customer base by transforming their products as per the country. For vegetarian lovers, they have their own McAaloo Tikki, whereas other countries where meat is the primary source of diet, pork and beef burgers can be easily enjoyed!

The company believes in strong customer service and marketing techniques through which they have always reigned on top! Here are a few of the trending and unknown news about the company that you definitely need to go through!

Get all the items from the global serving menu of Mc Donald’s in Chicago

Amongst the various food products and delicacies that Mc Donald’s brings for you, only fries are the common ones that you can find across every country. Apart from this stable item, you cannot find any other customized or unique dish in Mc stores. But eventually, this trend has been completely broken off by their Chicago headquartered store. If you want to try out something as different as pineapple oreo McFlurry or McNoodles, then you can find them out exclusively without even traveling to another corner of the globe. This restaurant in Chicago that made news during May 2018, not just makes sure that you get everything from its global stores, but it eventually rotates the menu to fit in the needs of customers. So if you are a resident of Chicago, don’t miss to try out something from their global menu.

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Mc Donald’s celebrates international women’s day by flipping its “M”

As already said above, Mc Donald’s have always been into the news because of its strange, attractive and out of the box marketing strategies. However, this one left as all in “Awwws”! On 8th March 2018, the company did something extremely innovative and eye-catching. If not all, the one store that is located In Chicago completely took away the limelight when they flipped their “M” to create a “W”. They flipped their “hallmark golden arches that catered all the eyes with love, respect, and appreciation for all the efforts that women make for their loved ones. In fact, the company used a similar logo on their official websites as well as social media handles and Instagram too.

Wendy Lewis, chief diversity officer of McDonald’s explained in an interview how they wished to do something unique to acknowledge the efforts of women and celebrate their accomplishments in every field of the world. Thus, they planned on to change their iconic logo for the first time that left people in astonishment. As per facts and reports around 62%, workers or employees of McDonald’s are actually women and 6 out of 10 ladies work as the restaurant managers.

These are all not just news, but a typical sign of how Mc Donald’s makes things extremely easy and yet amusing for the customers to digest!

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