Getting Into the Festive Mood with McDonald’s

It is always a wonderful time to get into the festive mood early. Christmas is eagerly awaited throughout the year and during its arrival, there is a lot of things to do related to shopping, buying gifts and family and friends outing for lunch or a dinner. McDonald’s has been a restaurant joint that is largely preferred by people because of the amazing choice of food one gets there, and you do not have to spend extra to enjoy their burgers. They are a company who launch out special offers during Christmas and it is a great experience for kids to go and have a happy meal at that point in time because of the toys that they get.

They have special coupons out that you can use to get the food for free and they are plenty in numbers. This is a company that knows how to get you in the right mood with the correct offers and brilliant food and with McDonald’s around, you can be sure that you will have a great Christmas.

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The Golden Nugget (Chicken Nugget):

This year, McDonald decided to do something unique and that might sit very well with the local audience. They have come up with a bauble that actually looks like a chicken nugget. The bauble also is added with sparkles alongside the Santa hat that sits on the top giving you the perfect feel if you decide to get it. The downside to is though that you cannot really purchase them from the store directly but would need to earn it. They did not stop at that as they decided to introduce fairy lights as well that looked exactly like the nugget. The best bit about the last product is that it can be used throughout the year making it highly usable.

The entire campaign was perfectly described by the director of marketing of the company where he said that he wanted everyone to be aware of the fact that McDonald’s is there whenever they need it. That holds true mainly in the case of Christmas as they might be looking to catch a breath. They can pop in within the store to get a coffee when they have been tired out while shopping. They can even have a burger before they go to another party and the company will ensure that they have set the mood right for them. Or simply, they can come by and they will be greeted by a wonderful environment that will foster the spirit of the festival.

They are calling it the Reindeer Ready Campaign. The campaign is aimed at everyone who wishes to enjoy the magic of Christmas irrespective of where you are or what work you do. The nuggets idea seems to be a fantastic one with the current scheme of things. The items are already in the store and you can go check out for yourself. However, the success of the step by mcdonals will be known soon.

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