Some Interesting Fun Facts About Mcdonald’s

From kids, adults and even the old will definitely not able to resist the mouth water food cravings from McDonald’s. It has been very famous for years for its burgers and has expanded in all the major parts of the world. Being the largest fast food chain in the world McDonald’s is one of those outlets that you cannot resist visiting.

Some cool facts about our favorite fast food joint – McDonald

  • Many celebrities have worked for this popular food joint: this might come as a surprise to you but yes, there were many celebrities who have worked at McDonald’s at some point in their life. Some of the famous celebrities include Jay Leno, Rachel McAdams, Pink and many more.
  • 75 countries in the world do not have a McDonald’s outlet: this brand has a global presence but yet there are around 75 countries that do not have a single outlet of McDonald’s. Currently, 199 outlets of McDonald’s are present all over the globe. Some of the countries who do not have McDonald’s include North Korea, Bermuda, Zimbabwe, and Iceland.
  • The McDonalds outlet in Hong Kong lets you have your wedding there: McDonald’s is that joint where you would normally go for a quick bite on your way to the office or maybe just relax with your friends and family over the weekends or a meal out with your little cousins. But the restaurants in Hong Kong host wedding parties there. Well, it would be weird to have the biggest and most important day of your life celebrated at such a place which is meant for a more casual get together. But this option is definitely available for you.
  • There is a ski-thru available in Sweden: this drive-thru is a facility that is been provided to the customers at McDonald’s, Sweden where they can drive around to the side of the restaurant, have their order placed through a telecom system and then collect and pay for their meal at the next window. People find this option really helpful especially when they are in a great hurry and do not have the time to stand in a queue to place their order.

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Apart from this McDonalds is also the largest supplier of toys. Wait, what? Yes, you have got me right not fast food but toys! McDonald’s is popular since they include some toy in every order of a child’s Happy Meal. It is a brand that sells more than 1.5 million toys all over the globe every single year. Recently they have started putting a book instead of a toy in the child’s Happy Meal which they hope will help and encourage a kid to read more often. This again made them distribute more books to the kids worldwide than the world’s largest library. Also, they have introduced some healthy eating options in their menu – now no more complaining about eating junk food at McDonald’s! These foods included salads, fruits, fish and smoothies but it is not necessary that these foods are as healthy as they seem to be!

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