McDonald’s Friendly Environment Plans & Goals

McDonald’s is a very well established fast food chain which was started in America in 1940. They are very famous for their burgers and French fries. They have now expanded to selling milkshakes, ice creams, wraps, fish, salad and a lot more. They have been generating very high-profit margins. They have about 1.9 million employees working for them and 1.5 million of them work in the franchises. They also have Mc-drive, which is a drive-in and also McCafe, usually located inside Mc Donald’s. They have a very good marketing strategy and have been leads in the market. They come up with new ideas to make their outlets stand out.

The plan for Recycling:

Crude oil being a non-renewable resource, there is a need to keep the use of such resources under control. We know that we need to conserve fuel and one way is to find a good alternative. Also, these fuels cause a lot of pollution in our environment. The emission adds to global warming. Putting the pollution under control is very difficult. These emissions not only cause problems for the environment, but it also causes respiratory problems and even cancer in the long run.

Hardcastle Restaurants, one of the master franchisees of Mc Donald’s, came up with an excellent plan for replacing the fuel. They came up with a biofuel which can be made by recycling the oil that was used for cooking. They plan to use this to fuel their delivery trucks. This was information from a top official. This is the first company to come up with an idea of recycling the oil to make fuel out of it. Mc Donald’s plans on expanding this plan. They are going to make it happen in nearly 277 outlets.

Presently, the company has converted 35,000 liters which means, saving about 420,000 liters annually. The biodiesel is in research and is done as per Bureau of Indian Standards. They have claimed that this will for sure reduce carbon emission up to 70% and is hence very clean. So, technically, it reduces about 4000 MT of emission of carbon and this is actually equal to growing nearly 2 Lakh trees.

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How it is made?

  1. The oil after cooking contains food particles and hence it cannot be directly used to make a proper fuel.
  2. The oil is collected and is taken to a filtering plant. This plant is highly efficient and cleans all the food particles.
  3. The oil is then heated. Heating makes the water leave the oil.
  4. It next goes into multiple filters.
  5. Even after this, there may still be microscopic debris. The oil is sent into the ultra-fine filter which can make the microns leave the oil.
  6. After all these filtration processes, the oil is ready to use for consumption and to save earth from the pollution.

The only problem is that this oil cannot be used on modern engines. With the store established in many places across the world, doing such environment-friendly activities is of very great help to the society.

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