McDonald’s Vegan Burger: It is Increase more traffic?

On a current debate that brought forth the CEO of McDonald’s to the limelight, Steve Easterbrook is still trying to find the possible vegan substitutes of meat in the classic McD burgers. According to him, once the average number of vegan customers are known, there would be the option creeping up soon. But will the vegan burger perform better than the meat one? Let’s find out.

The Trend of McDonald Vegan Burgers:

The inclusion of the vegetarian option in the McDonald’s menu can actually open the restaurant to lots of people in the US. Although there are immense tensions regarding the recent up gradations, one can likely think of the huge profits that would be incurred on the forefront. In addition to that, there has been intense competition from the other food chains in the market as well, especially from Burger King, Starbucks, and KFC. But the improvement in the menu would likely double the sales and there would be double profits as well.

But the complexity of the situation might upscale on the front if the vegetarian options fail to create an impact on the people. Space is likely to be watched and the path has to be kept open for further updates. If the substitute of the meat is taken to be something fascinating, situations might favor the consumers from a better point of view. The question, however, is that, will it be able to create the basic profit on the sets and at the same time satisfy the customers?

NOTE: McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on

The current business drive for McDonald’s:

McDonald’s on receiving the updates for the new inclusion has tried to raise its standards of marketing on a whole new level. With its outlets in more than 150 countries of the countries, the present status of the vegan options can stand out to be more fruitful than worsening the situation, says Easterbrook.

In addition to that, the need for more speedy services needs to be on the rise. The competition is neck plunging and in order to survive, one has to deal with extraordinary services, no matter how much the cost would be. The buzz has to be the same regarding the vegetarian burger as well, as McDonald’s is thinking of a full day breakfast menu to be made available without any delay. Updates regarding the brunch menu are also to be done with respect to the vegetarian burger in it.

Creating profits for the welfare of the customers?

With more marketing agenda incorporated into the very system, this American based fast food chain is likely to gain more than lose its customers, according to the latest McDonalds’ news. This increases the average profit of the company by around 30%. While it is really interesting to take note of the vegetarian meal option as well, one might particularly go for it if the buzz is more on the positive side. There couldn’t be an alternate option available and this likely on part of the marketing strategy to deal with the best in extracting huge profit on the front.

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