McDonald’s vs Burger King: The Contesting Rivals of The Fast Food Kingdom

One is everyone’s childhood favorite; the other offers variants of burgers that one simply cannot resist. In this tug of war amongst McDonald’s vs burger king, which side would you pick?

McDonald’s vs Burger King:

  • The Fierce Rivalry in Burgers

McDonald’s and Burger King, starting their businesses in 1955 and 1953, have been in the fast-food business since over half a century today. The two firms represent the fiercest rivalry in the fast-food race; with consumers baffled over the choice between Burger King boasting of Whopper Burger and with McDonald’s with their supreme Big Mac. Which one should you go for, in this showdown of McDonald’s vs burger king?

  • Who Should You Root For?

In this battle for dominance between the two fast-food giants, McDonald’s collected a revenue of 22.8 billion United States dollars whereas Burger King collected a revenue of 4.05 billion United States dollars. From the available data, in pure numbers, McDonald’s is ahead of its rival Burger King by leaps and bounds. However, revenue is not everything there that determines the quality of fast food restaurants. One would not go choose a place to dine that offers mediocre food because of the financial success of the brand. Which amongst the two offers better quality in food? Which of the following has a wider range of selections in food?

Over years of success, McDonald’s have expanded their kingdom in food, offering a vast majority of snacks ranging from burgers to puffs and in 1993 adding to their domain of food items, introduced McCafe; thus, expanding their empire vastly and relying not just on burgers but on coffee as well, for their revenue. McDonald’s, besides burgers, now offers cakes, puffs, and desserts such as McFlurries in different variants, in addition to everything one can purchase from a coffee shop, thanks to McCafe.

Burger King, on the other hand, focuses and excels on a select few domains in food, offering customisability and flexibility in burgers and a variety of ingredients for consumers to choose from while making their very own version of the perfect snack.

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  • Who will be hailed as the King of the fast food Kingdom?

Burger King and McDonalds have both proven to be dominant in the current fast food market, each acquiring unconquerable positions in the fast food market. Both of the fast food chains have left no stones unturned in appealing to all age groups in the markets; McDonalds with their Happy Meal and Burger King with their King Junior. However, McDonalds steals the show as their mascot Ronald McDonald and his friends have been hugely popular in the past with children.
In retrospect, it appears that McDonalds not only has a deeper connection with their consumers and know the needs and requirements of the present market and the future market alike but also has conquered the taste buds of their consumers who don’t wish to stray away from their favorite Happy Meal; giving them the upper edge against contender Burger King.

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