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McDonald’s has been one of the biggest restaurant chains across the world for many years now. With its delicious range of burgers and vast options of sides, people love to visit the store every now and then. The company, too, has always tried to maintain their customer loyalty through various schemes but none come as close as the one that they have just announced. The company is ensuring that there is a reduction of antibiotics used in all the beef products that they have been supplying to their stores worldwide.

The expectations from the company are that the others in the competition might do the same. This is a great step towards bettering the hygiene standards of their products and is a welcome change in the food industry.

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The company, McDonald’s, believes that the excessive usage of the substance that was necessary to tackle infections from humans can actually lead to the reduction of the overall effectivity of the drug. To give more gravitas to the situation, they have now become the largest purchasers of beef to ensure that the issue is addressed properly and to provide the perfect health standards.

The move has been appreciated by environmental professionals as well. One of the best comments came from a health adviser stating that the significant status of McDonald ensures that the move would be widely accepted and since they are the biggest buyers of the concerned meat, the move in itself has found huge importance. The company is looking to implement the move as soon as possible and looks to completely stop the usage of the antibiotic by the last few months of 2020. Moreover, as of now, it is looking at the largest 10 markets where it is functioning to ensure the move is carried out easily and swiftly. The top 10 for the company actually has consumption of over eighty-five percent of the beef.

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The company has given out strong statements in support of the initiative. They believe that the concerned material is not suitable for enhancing the growth in the animals whose meat are used for food and cannot in any way be used to avoid them getting a disease. Also, the initiative will not be looking to increase the prices of beef burgers. Even the Animal Health Institute said that the steps taken are extremely wise and they are trying to come up with a substance that could replace the antibiotic while ensuring overall safety. However, it is not as easy as it may sound since the removal of antibiotic is a huge task as cattle have a longer life than that of a chicken and therefore, the probability of them getting sick is higher.

Al in all, the initiative has been kickstarted with positive intentions and you would have to wait for the end of 2020 to see the real picture. But knowing McDonalds, one could say that the move will see an effective conclusion.

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