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Food joints are the latest trend in the market which have engulfed half the market. These joints are not only happy and peppy but also come along with a drooling menu which is full of delicious food options. However, when it comes to food joints, there are quite a few which earn the reputation of a universal food joint. These places are the ones that intrigue children, adults, couples, and families equally and it is because of this reason that these places attract a huge crowd.

In this respect, McDonald’s is a place which has been the childhood memory of most people because of its ambiance, food, and vibe. The place has always been the go-to solution of people looking for some amazing food and a cozy corner. However, in recent times, McDonald’s has been in news constantly for reasons which are certainly not good for the fans of this restaurant. You can find updates regarding McDonald’s News in these articles to know about the happenings at the restaurant.

Reasons for the shutdown of the Restaurant:

The recent news reported that the restaurant was shutting down in north India and northeast India for a temporary period of time. The decision was taken after the restaurant chain decided to end its deal of joint venture with Indian businessman Anand bakshi. The restaurant earlier had a 50-50 deal with anand bakshi but the reports of the rift between the two partners arose in the recent months which resulted in the cancellation of the deal. The two estranged partners decided to end the deal by canceling the contract and bakshi walked out of the joint venture.

The cancellation of the contract resulted in closing down of the outlets in north India and north east India temporarily. As per the reports, the shutdown is done primarily for two reasons. Firstly, it shall allow the restaurant owners to communicate about their future course of actions to the employees. Secondly, McDonald’s is also planning to change its food menu and revamp it to suit the needs of the people. The shutdown which is expected to last for about two weeks has come as a shock to the lovers of the food chain.

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The Future of the Restaurant Chain:

After the shutdown of the restaurants, the head of cannaught place restaurants has reported that they are shutting down to focus on the quality of food that is being served by the restaurant. The shutdown is said to bring some significant changes in the system of the restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant promises to look into the administration and food quality of the north and northeast zone outlets. A major change that has been anticipated from the events of the past few days is that anand bakshi is in talks with the rival food chain Wendy’s and if the deal works out, McDonald’s might have to prepare a strategy to tackle its rival.

Thus, seeing the current McDonalds news, it would be interesting to see what the future holds.

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