A Tough Competition For McDonalds Alternatives

With various McDonald’s alternatives already in the market, it has been a tough few years for this franchise. With all the downfall in the sales in the recent years and the rising competitions from the alternative franchises might have put some strain on the supply chain and revenue of the company but not a whole lot of damage has been done to the reputation. With other franchises giving out several ‘much healthier’ options, McDonald’s has also taken it on its shoulders to provide its customers with the same – healthier options.

Why McDonald’s Is Still Safe?

Even though you might not be the most agreeable with the statement but everyone – even the millennial who avoid it – will agree that is one way or other, McDonald’s has been acting as a binding chain for the society for years now. People from all the sections of society have been eating food from this franchise for more than a decade now and it is one of the most popular fast-food food joint in the world – a household name.

However, many of the people have agreed and shared a common viewpoint of how important McDonald is or can be for decreasing the ratio of the unemployment factor or lack in ‘talent’ due to the increasing obesity problem in the youth. This has kept McDonald’s under quite a pressure for some time to actually launch a new menu or at least rearrange and re-strategize it.

A much-needed change!

Last week, the said franchise has announced that it will no longer entertain some of the food items that actually have quite a low rate of nutrients in them. It has also been actually planning to introduce food items with more vegetables and nutrients. The company has decided to make changes and bring a healthier option on the table.

It is introducing fruits and vegetables in a much larger quantity in the menu for children? Yes. With these changes made, McDonald’s is looking forward to targeting those customers that have not been so much connected with it because of the health issues and the junk!

The changes have been announced to collaborate with another foundation under the latest initiative of reducing the obesity problem in children. They are adding food that has a lower content of sugar, fat, and salt in them in comparison or competition with the normally sold burger, fries, and cold drink. Also, they have added calorie counts next to the food items in their menu at the board as per the guidelines are given to them by the government.

The Final Verdict

So, even though it looks like that the well known McDonalds alternatives are soaring high, McDonald is a brand or franchise which has been there for years and is not going out anytime soon. With the added evolvement in their menu and food choices, they have sent a message strong and straight to the competitors that they are still standing strong and not going anywhere anytime soon.

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